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At the beginning of the 1900s, many of the buildings constructed in upscale districts such as Gümüşsuyu, Maçka and Nişantaşı were called ‘apartıman’, a Turkish variation on the word ‘apartment’. Some of these buildings, whose distinctive architectural features came to symbolize a certain lifesytle in that period, were torn down, while others are still in use today.

The term ‘apartıman’ has now been adopted as a general heading both for the restoration of historical structures in downtown Istanbul as well as for building projects seeking to create new housing and office spaces.

The ‘apartıman’ concept can be summarized as real estate projects offering easy access to an urban lifestyle and transport, as well as in-house security, extra services and unstinting comfort. The locations for these projects are selected to ensure that their situation, background story, residential construct, distinctive architecture and reference points all combine to create a truly unique structure.


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