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Field of activity

We get into act in turn-key construction works and property development fields.


Corporate Vision

Our vision is; proceed with developing our enterpricing and organisational structure,
consolidate our human resources continuously and being a corporation that have persistance and succeed distinctness.


Corporate Mission

Our mission is; making continuous improvements within the scope of integrated management system, strengthen systematic infrastructure and make our brand’s name with producing professional solutions in domestic and overseas projects in this direction.


Apartıman and Home Club are registered concept brands of real estate projects that we developed.


Quality Policy

Our quality policy is; in the direction of property development, construction commitment, sales and after delivery services, enhance the quality management
system that we practice and all operational business process performances constantly, put the projects into practice right on time without mistake and in this direction provide customer satisfaction.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our occupational health and safety policy is; protect our employees’ health in the direction of occupational health and safety regulations, also take precautions of accidents may occur, training employees and subcontractors for increasing occupational health and safety conciousness and construction site applications, and complete our projects with the aim of zero occupational accidents and diseases.


Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy is; within the scope of legal regulations, determine the environmental dimensions and avoid the pollution of air, water and soil, with using
environment - friendly construction materials, training employees and subcontractors for increasing environmental conciousness, doing disposal of wastes in construction site
with adhere to legal necessities and regulations; provide perpetual enhancement as a result and apply environmental management system effectively in the construction sites.